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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a plot?


It is our mission to provide gardens for households in Shoreline and Lake Forest Park who have limited or no garden space in their own yards or balconies.

We expect to have a few plots available for the 2024 season that begins April 15th. Applications for the 2024 gardening year will open in March 2024. If plots fill, we will start a waitlist.

What size are the garden beds?


The external measurements of the majority of the beds are 8.5' x 4'. The internal measurements are approximately 3.5' x 8'. This gives about 28 square feet of soil surface to grow with. Beds were designed so every part of the bed can be accessed without stepping on and disturbing the soil and plants. Each bed is 18" deep and filled with a raised bed soil/compost mix from Sky Nursery.

Do you have accessible beds?

We have space set aside especially for accessible garden beds. Due to their nature, these plots will be smaller and will be installed as requests come in. Please note on your application if you need one. A member of the garden team will follow up with you.

What does my plot fee pay for?


The fee for a 4x8 plot is $35 per year that begins April 15th. The church does not want cost to hinder usage of the space, so scholarships are available. Please reach out or note on your application. The fee goes toward paying for water, ongoing maintenance, yearly compost, supplies, and any other necessary expenditures. Funds will never be spent on anything other than the garden. Any additional designated donations will go exclusively to the garden as well.


Can I bring my pet into the garden?

We love your dog, and the church welcomes your pup on much of their property. For the safety and health of all users, please keep all pets out of garden and pick up any pet waste on the church grounds.


Can I eat the food being grown?


Plants in this garden are grown by and for assigned gardeners only. Please do not pick, eat, or otherwise take anything without express permission of the plot's gardener.

The one exception is the church's plot, labeled bed number 1. Find this plot at the south end of the garden. Produce and flowers in this bed may be freely taken. Please thoroughly wash any food.

Is this garden affiliated with Shoreline Free Methodist Church?

Yes. The garden is sponsored by the church. Attendees, family, and friends of Shoreline Free Methodist Church planned, sourced, and built the garden.

We offer our space to neighbors who are eager to grow their own produce, to make an effort to live sustainably, to feed themselves and their families healthy food, and to be a safe, happy, and healthy space for our neighbors to connect.


¿Cómo puedo reservar un cantero elevado?


Por favor rellene el formulario de Contact. Estaremos en contacto.

How can I get more involved?

Thank you for asking! Please reach out to the Garden Team using the contact form. Everyone on the Garden Team is a volunteer. There are so many tasks to work on, and many improvements and additions to plan and make.

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