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Garden Dedication

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

On March 27th, the church held a beautiful dedication for the garden. Spring made its presence known with a sweet, warm breeze. The sun even peeked through the clouds a little bit.

A blessing for the garden

So many people have worked so hard to bring the garden to where it is now. Designing and building the beds, placing and leveling the plots, filling them with soil, spreading the woodchips, putting plants in the ground, and so much more. And the work isn't nearly finished yet. An absolutely huge thanks to Cascade Lumber for donating all the wood for the beds and the arch. We were floored when they said they wanted to donate even more wood than we had originally asked for.

Thank you so much to the Fellowship Team from Shoreline Free Methodist Church for putting together such a wonderful event. The refreshments were adorable.

Clearly this was not the first treat this little hand had picked up.

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